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Our service provides secure and transparent event ticketing using blockchain technology. By tokenizing tickets, we eliminate fraud and counterfeit tickets, while allowing event organizers to create unique digital tickets that cannot be duplicated or transferred without permission. This means attendees can enjoy an authentic and hassle-free experience.

Tokenizing Event Tickets on Blockchain

Tokenizing event tickets on a blockchain provides several key benefits.


First, it ensures that tickets are authentic and cannot be duplicated or counterfeited. 


Second, it allows event organizers to create unique digital tickets that can be easily tracked and monitored. 


Finally, it provides attendees with a more secure and streamlined ticketing experience, reducing the risk of fraud and confusion at the event.

The problems with current ticket management systems

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Central Database

Traditional ticketing systems often rely on centralized databases that can be hacked or manipulated. 

High transaction fees

Ticketing companies often charge high fees to both event organizers and attendees

Lack of Transparency

It difficult for attendees to verify the authenticity of their tickets.

Personal Identification

Some require attendees to provide personal identification for entry to the venue


Verification of personal identification documents at the event can cause delays and frustration for attendees.

Low fee with meta transactions

Meta transactions are a cost-effective way to distribute tickets that can help event organizers and attendees save money on transaction fees. By using meta transactions, we can cover the cost of gas fees required for executing smart contracts on the blockchain, which reduces the cost of ticketing.

This approach to ticketing can help event organizers distribute tickets quickly and easily, while ensuring a hassle-free experience for attendees. Meta transactions can also help with the quick and easy verification of tickets, enabling event organizers to manage attendance more efficiently. In addition, the use of meta-transactions can lower the overall fee associated with ticketing, making events more affordable and accessible, and leading to increased attendance and revenue for organizers.

How do we tokenize Event Tickets?

Benefits of Event Ticketing

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