ArcVerse provides a set of solutions for every startup or entrepreneur who wants to create and own their virtual world with low costs of production and instant time of delivery.

Users can build their metaverse business in seconds through an SDK developed by Arcade Network, which allows three different use cases: Virtual Offices, Virtual workspaces for students, and Virtual NFT shopping

Virtual Offices

 The protocol displays different layout scenarios for your digital office, allows you to register your team, and provides avatars that you can attribute to each team member. Virtual offices are incorporated, with board meeting rooms, other different rooms, virtual departments, individual spaces, virtual resting rooms, and virtual dashboards for presentations. This solution also comes with a complete set of work tools that can be used in the digital office platform. Team members can have tools like GitHub, Figma, Google Drive, Jira, Loom, Slack, Google meet, and others in one single workspace. In their virtual office, instead of communicating and working under different roofs, they can work and share content between every department and team member in one single digital platform owned by their company. Every company using the service is provided with an opportunity to enter a private virtual networking space to connect with other companies for partnerships.


Also, Venture Capital regulated companies and recently graduated students can request access to this virtual networking space to connect/have meetings with companies for purposes like investing, fundraising, internships, networking, etc.

Virtual Workspaces for students

This is a digital solution dedicated to students, similar to the Virtual Offices, more focused on providing an interactive environment where groups of students can work together on university projects in a virtual reality workspace with avatars allocated to each other. This virtual workspace is embedded with various tools like Google Scholar, Miro, Notion, Google Drive, Google meets, and others. Students will benefit from a single platform with VR features, increasing the dynamic and connecting the students differently. Having an exclusive workspace for their group with all the tools they use in different browser tabs or apps under the same roof (Arcade Network application) caters to the possibility of bringing avenues in virtual rooms with virtual dashboards and their avatars. 

Virtual NFT shopping

Create, own and manage your metaverse shopping. This solution targets e-commerce to migrate and create their virtual world shopping experience, with the invitation to the several fashion brands which are already investing in the metaverse and creating NFTs to showcase and sell their collections in their metaverse. 

For web2 users, it can be seen as an e-commerce website that aggregates different brands. For web3 users, it can be seen as an NFT marketplace aggregator with the virtual land sale. By the end, there are plenty of possibilities for generating value, such as advertising for traditional fashion Brands, and cross-selling promotions with NFTs. Customers can try products in virtual reality, companies can expand their distribution channels. Moreover, purchased land can also appreciate in value according to the laws of supply and demand. 


Physical shopping centres can own the platform, Sell land to fashion brands, host digital pop-up stores, Host streaming rooms for movies with first releases, and host individual NFT artist events.

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