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ARC Relayer Bridge

ARC Relayer Bridge is a protocol that allows users to transfer NFTs and other in-game assets between different metaverse platforms.

Metaverse interoperability

Arcade network is bridging the gap between freedom and metaverse, by providing a solution that allows seamless movement of assets from one metaverse platform to another according to compatibility.

Solving the “new metaverse, new cost”, Arcade Network introduces a relayer bridge which metaverse platforms can integrate (through API) and become interoperable. Users can purchase and transfer assets in one metaverse and send them to another metaverse platform integrated in the bridge ecosystem. 

Use case scenario:

The current Web3 space with all the assets, including NFTs and tokens, makes it expensive for users to explore different games and metaverses. This resistance hinders the growth of the Web3 space by restricting users due to a lack of resources. 

With Arcade Network’s Relayer Bridge, we aim to solve this problem. With the launch of the Relayer Bridge, users will be able to transfer their assets from one platform to another and make the best use of their assets by exploring other Metaverses and gaming without incurring additional costs.

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