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Welcome to ArcadeNetwork Alpha Season

What is Alpha Season?

Our Alpha Season is the season of the Alpha release of our product (Arc Marketplace). It comprises events that include Community Testing and Feedback round (Alpha Bug Bounty), Community Feedback Implementation by our team, and Alpha Product Launch.

We have divided our Alpha season into three steps to simplify

1. Community Testing

This is the first step which is a closed and private testing round (also called as ArcadeNetwork Alpha Bug Bounty). We will share exclusive access to the alpha version of our marketplace to only 22 selected members from the community who will test the Arc marketplace, find and report bugs, provide valuable feedback to improve the product, and will get rewards in turn. 100K worth of ARC tokens is reserved for this round with the opportunity to permanently join the ArcadeNetwork team. 

How to apply for the Alpha Bug Bounty Round?

  1. You will have to join our Waitlist by filling out the Alpha Bug Bounty form here (
  2.  On filling up the form mentioned in step 1, the users are requested to complete the tasks mentioned on our Twitter (
  3. The selected users will be airdropped with the Alpha Pass Tickets, A sample NFT, and ARC Tokens and will be provided other information to test the platform and share their report of bugs and feedback with us in the provided time frame.
  4. The top 3 users sharing the maximum value-adding feedback will be rewarded with special NFTs backing rewards and prizes as described below:

The above NFT makes you eligible to claim the respective number of ARC tokens

The criterion for the Selection of 22 participants for testing the application Mandatory

  1. Waitlist form Submission 
  2. Sharing posts about ArcadeNetwork tagging us on LinkedIn, Twitter

Optional Tasks to fetch you Brownie Points

  1. Join telegram community
  2. Follow us on Twitter
  3. Posting a promotion message on LinkedIn tagging ArcadeNetwork and getting other crypto projects to list their NFTs on our platform
  4. Like, share, comment and tag your friends on our posts.

Which chain network will the Alpha Marketplace launch?

  1. The complete Alpha Season will be carried on Polygon Mumbai Testnet.

  2. Network Name: Mumbai Testnet

  3. New RPC URL:

  4. Chain ID: 80001

  5. Currency Symbol: MATIC

We are excited about this campaign and wish you all the best for it.

2. Bug Fixing and Feedback Implementation

This is a time window given to ArcadeNetwork developers and engineers to fix the bugs pointed out by the community and implement the feedback in the Alpha or Beta release of the product. 

3. Product Alpha Launch

After the bug fixing is done, we will open the alpha version of the marketplace to the mass audience. The users can start using the application and perform various NFT functions available on the application and earn rewards via our unique NFT Staking options. 

We will be sharing more details on the Alpha Season in the subsequent blogs. Till then for any queries, write to us at

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